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Summary of Signature Bank Financial Update

  • Signature Bank has a strong and diverse financial position with over $100 billion in assets, diversified deposits, investment-grade credit ratings, high capital and liquidity.
  • As of March 8, 2023, the bank had cash on its balance sheet of $4.54 billion, borrowing balances (excluding subordinated debt) of $6.58 billion, marketable liquid securities of approximately $26.41 billion and deposit balances of $89.17 billion.
  • Since year-end 2022, the bank has reduced digital asset-related client deposits by $1.27 billion to a balance of $16.52 billion and loan balances have decreased by $1.99 billion.

Signature Bank’s Strong Financial Position

Signature Bank is a New York-based full-service commercial bank that boasts a proven and stable business model with assets exceeding $100 billion across nine national business lines and nearly 130 commercial banking teams spanning its metropolitan New York area and West Coast footprint. It also has an impressive mix of deposits coming from middle market businesses such as law firms, accounting practices, healthcare companies, manufacturing companies and real estate management firms – more than 80% in total. The bank also holds a high level of capital indicated by a common equity tier 1 risk-based capital ratio well above regulatory requirements at 10.42%, as per year-end 2022 figures; this was recently reaffirmed by Fitch Ratings, Kroll Bond Rating Agency (KBRA) and Moody’s Investors Services alike.

Financial Balances as of March 8th 2023

The bank’s liquidity position remains strong with unaudited financial balances as follows: cash held on balance sheet amounted to approximately $4.54 billion; borrowing balances (excluding subordinated debt) totaled around $6.58 billion; marketable liquid securities accounted for approximately $26.41 billion; deposit balances were up slightly at around $89.17 million since year end 2022 which includes the deliberate reduction in digital asset related client deposits amounting to around $1.27 million leaving a balance for digital asset related client deposits at around$16.52 million; finally loan balances were down by about$1 .99 million since year end 2022 according to the banks previously announced strategy to reduce it in their larger business lines .

Share Repurchase Authorization

>This week alone saw the repurchase of 55 million dollars worth common stock within their previously disclosed share repurchase authorization plan .

Conclusion >In conclusion , Signature Banks solid financial position is evidenced through their robust banking services , diversified deposit mix , high capital holding , investment grade ratings , strong liquidity , reduction in digital asset related client deposits and share repurchases .

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