Sun. Apr 14th, 2024

• Robert F. Kennedy Jr. became the first presidential candidate to accept Bitcoin for campaign donations.
• He voiced his opposition to the launch of the FedNow CBDC and expressed his support for cryptocurrency in the political arena.
• The candidate will ensure that everyone has their own wallet and keeps their password, so that government can’t interfere with it.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr Accepts Bitcoin

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the presidential candidate in the United States, has become the first-ever presidential candidate to accept Bitcoin as a campaign donation. He showed up at a crypto conference for the first time as a presidential contender and voiced his support for cryptocurrency as a symbol of democracy and freedom. The candidate is passionate about Bitcoin not just because it is a currency but also because it’s an exercise in democracy.

Kennedy Opposes FedNow CBDC Launch

The candidate has voiced his opposition to the launch of the FedNow CBDC stating that it creates a war on the crypto market and drives innovation elsewhere from US economy. Moreover, he believes that US economy will be stronger if it accepts a diverse ecosystem of currencies instead of launching its own digital currency like other countries have done recently.

Crypto Advocacy as Part Of Campaign

It seems like crypto advocacy will be one major point of Robert’s campaign which is why he was asked to attend Bitcoin 2023 conference following his support for cryptocurrency previously shown on Twitter where he mentioned cryptocurrencies as an innovation engine.
He targets not only votes but also potential sources of donations in millions dollars through accepting bitcoins as donation for his campaign making him unique amongst all other candidates running for presidency this year .

Ensure Everyone Has Their Own Wallet

When elected president, Robert plans on ensuring everybody has their own wallet and keeps their password so that government can’t interfere with it giving more people access to financial freedom which will make US economy stronger in turn .


The increasing commitment towards cryptocurrency by Robert F Kennedy Jr coincides with tight regulations imposed by US government creating uncertainty in crypto market while increasing trustworthiness of this revolutionary currency amongst many people who now know they can donate campaigns using bitcoin securely without interference from any external source .

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