Sun. Apr 14th, 2024

• The token Pepe has been experiencing a decline in price and holders post the Coinbase controversy.
• Coinbase has issued an apology via their legal spokesperson as part of damage control.
• Pepe coin’s RSI is over 30, signaling to oversell and the current price is $0.000001177 with a 38.84% drop.

Pepe Memecoin Price Drop Following Coinbase Controversy

Pepe, the frog-themed memecoin is witnessing a downfall in price as well as in token holders due to the controversy between the Coinbase exchange and Pepe coin.

Coinbase Apology

Coinbase’s damage control involves apologies from the legal spokesperson, while Pepecoin continues to post tweets on spreading love.

PEPE Price Chart

In earlier weeks, the token stood out among the alt and memecoin community for establishing high standards – including being listed by Binance exchange and gaining a position in top 100 cryptocurrency list. Currently, PEPE coin’s RSI is over 30, signaling to oversell, with its price declining at $0.000001177 with a 38.84% drop.

“Hate Symbol” Effect Still There

Despite damage control strategies by both Coinbase and Pepecoin, the effect of statement “Hate Symbol” is still there.

“We Are All Pepe” Tweet

“$PEPE is a symbol of love, unity, positivity, and freedom,” says one tweet from Pepecoin Twitter handle.

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