Sun. Apr 14th, 2024

• Gora, formerly known as Goracle and Algoracle, has rebranded to better identify its services as a decentralized oracle network.
• The $GORA token is the lifeblood that powers the secure, reliable data feeds for smart contracts on the Gora network.
• The name “Gora” symbolizes the strength, stability, and solidity of the platform.

Goracle Rebrands to Gora

Gora has rebranded from its former names of Goracle and Algoracle in order to more clearly identify what it does – a decentralized oracle network.

Why Gora?

In Sanskrit, “Gora” means “mountain” or “elevated” and serves to symbolize the strength, stability, and solidity of the platform.

More Than Just an Oracle

The Gora network offers more than just traditional Oracle services. Decentralized applications can use the network to run off-chain computations or store larger amounts of data which can then be transformed and stored before committing only required data on chain.

A New Chapter with Same Commitment

Though the name has changed, dedication to advancing state-of-the-art in oracle technology remains. By bridging gap between real-world data and blockchain networks, developers are enabled to create cutting-edge dApps with accurate real time external data feeds.

The $GORA Token

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