Sun. Apr 14th, 2024

The blockchain company Blockstream has announced the launch of a mobile wallet: Aqua. It is compatible with Liquid, the Bitcoin (BTC) sidechain.

Blockstream propose un wallet crypto

Blockstream recently announced the release of the Aqua wallet . She calls it a “ singlesi g wallet created so that anyone can get started with Bitcoin Pro and Liquid” . Blockstream often stands out by being particularly critical of “large” altcoins , which is why the range of cryptocurrencies compatible with its wallet is reduced. Users will be able to store BTC, Liquid Bitcoin, Tether (USDT), L-CAD, and other Liquid-compatible assets.

Blockstream has also signed a partnership with Wyre, in order to simplify payments made directly from the wallet. Users will be able to buy cryptocurrencies directly with their debit card as well as Apple Pay . Blockstream also intends to gradually add other payment methods.

And the other Blockstream wallet?

This new Blockstream wallet has a size limitation, however: for now, it is only available on iOS . This is undoubtedly one of the reasons why Blockstream will continue to develop its other portfolio, Blockstream Green, which is compatible with Android. The latter is also intended ” for users who want more control and privacy options , like TOR,” according to the company.

Blockstream is also announcing that some of the features of Aqua will be integrated into Blockstream Green , in particular multisig wallets. In any case, it is one more pawn placed for the company of Adam Back, which is taking more and more importance in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

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